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Fencing with Music:

Fencers listen to music for all sorts of reasons. In sport music can have a useful role. Music can inspire or change our state of mind; music to motivate, music to activate, music to relax, music to distract and music just for fun and pleasure. Create play lists like "Go" or "Slow".

Use background music for ambiance while training or at competitions.

    Applications and Uses for Music:

  • Training: Use a music play list as a “timer” of duration and also for "tempo and mood". For example “go” music, for a specific duration amd with a suitable high tempo (approximately 120 beats per minute or bpm) for aerobic warm-up, then “slow(er)” for the stretching routine and then something and perhaps something more “up-beat” for footwork” (120+bpm) etc.

  • Competition: At various stages of a competition, a music play list on a fencer's MP3 player or "Walkman" could assist them with their focus, motivation or relaxation, minimising the effects of stress. A play list of familiar music can be incorporated in to the “competition routine”, for example to time the warm-up, stretching, footwork and then move into actual fencing. In unfamiliar surroundings of a competition, stress is heightened. So a fencer’s own familiar music can help reduce the stress levels. The effect can be improved when the play list music has been associated with quality activity in training (Pavlov's dog principle). Increasing the level of familiarity reduces stress levels and can engage the fencer more quickly in appropriate states of mind and physical readiness.

    Play List For Fencing Occaisions:

  • Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor
  • The Final Countdown – Europe
  • We Are The Champions – Queen
  • It’s My Life – Bon Jovi
  • I believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly
  • Hero – Mariah Carey
  • Beautiful Day - U2
  • We Will Rock You – Queen
  • Baba O’Riley - The Who
  • Chariots Of Fire – Vangelis
  • What A Wonderful World – Lois Armstrong
  • I’m Alive - Celine Dione
  • Man In the Mirror – Michael Jackson
  • Life is Live – Sound Convoy

Please share your favorite music play lists with us and we will include them here:

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