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Books on fencing:

    Fencing Is My Life by Sergei Golubitsky:
  • This is a very good read, a well written, from the heart autobiographical account of a world champion fencer. It should be well liked by any sport-ophile or passionate fencer, at any level. By far the best book out at present.
    By The Sword by Richard Cohen:
  • An interesting personal account, giving the inside story on British fencing.
    Fencing With The Epee by Roger Crosnier:
    Fencing With The Saber by Roger Crosnier:
    Fencing With The Foil by Roger Crosnier:
  • For each weapon, three good basic books explaning how to fence (old but still current, French style). Roger Crosnier trained as a Fencing Master in France and has faithfully translated in to English the fundamental concepts. They remain one of the best English texts on fencing, inspite of the first editions being printed over fifty years ago.
    Electric Foil Fencing: Advanced Competitive Training by Istvan Lukovich
    Fencing and the Master by Laszlo Szabo
    Epee Fencing: A Complete System by Imre Vass
  • Three intersting books, some good content though all are entirely based on Hungarian fencing style and philosophy. Somewhat difficult to read and understand due to poor quality of translation from original text.

More books and references to be added. Please contact us to add your favourite books.

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